Our service

Costa Brava Holiday Rentals is not afraid to show our customers the real rental price!!

So there will be no surprises about things like: reservation costs, pool cleaning or linen rental fees. Our prices are all inclusive so what you see is what you pay.

All inclusive prices mean:

  • You will be picked up by us at a pre-arranged point and time and we will personally drive you to your villa or apartment.
  • We will give you a brief tour of the premises, so you’ll know where everything is, and how everything works. Your vacation will start on a good note!
  • We take care of your pool-cleaning worries. The last thing you’d need on your vacation is worrying about cleaning your pool.
  • We will not rent you bed linen or towels!!! Those are free and included in your rent!
  • We will be available for all your questions during your stay. And, because we are a local company, we live close to the places we rent. If necessary we can personally attend to your concerns.
  • At our properties will be an information folder with info about the area and  important telephone numbers.

Extra services are available for a small fee:

We provide for bed-linen and towels. If you want to be totally pampered, we can arrange that your beds are made in preparation of your arrival. For this service we charge a small fee of €3 per person. Please let us know at least one week prior to your arrival via mail if you’d like this service.
You can provide us with a shopping list by mail, two weeks prior to your arrival. This way your refrigerator will be stocked when you arrive. We can help you with creating this list. The fee for this service is €25, plus the cost of the goods.

Throughout the entire year:

We advise you to monitor our site throughout the year. Our villas and apartments are not only for rent during the summer months, but year round. You can even rent our homes long term at reduced prices. Maybe you want to write a book and you are looking for a place where you can be undisturbed and inspired. Our homes are in quiet urban locations, where you can be have total privacy, especially during the winter months. Or maybe you are interested in buying a home in the area and want to be able to look around with all the comforts of being at home. Our villas and apartments are suited for temporary rental. The weather at the Costa Brave is very pleasant all throughout the year. For briefer vacations we are carefully monitoring airfares, and offer airfare + rental combination packages at extremely competitive prices.